Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Is it me, or is it a tree?

Kind of a funny story. Alki is very hard of hearing, to the point where you can stand right behind her and call her and she'll slowly look around like she thought maybe she heard something (though she can still hear the clink of the cookie jar sometimes). Also she's getting blind, so she's never sure if she sees you or not until she's good and close.

The other day Barclay and Mighty were playing in the pasture right outside the paddock, making a bit of noise, and Alki was in the yard, and she started wandering in their direction. I called her but she didn't hear, so I followed her until I was right behind her, and called her name again - loudly. She heard me, and looked up, looked straight ahead (I was behind her) and got that look like, oh, I see you! And went trotting off into the pasture, heading for a small sequoia at the bottom of the field. I trotted after her. When she got to the tree she kind of squinted at it confused - wait, that's not you? Then she looked around and saw me coming up behind her and got that happy look and ran wagging up to me - hey, there you are!

So now I've been mistaken for a sequoia.

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