Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spoke to Alki's Oncologist

Dr Cyman is Alki's oncologist, and she has been wonderful through this whole matter. When I talked to her yesterday after a couple days of phone tag she made me feel much better. She's very matter of fact about dealing with things. When I asked about the other vet seeing cancer cells in Alki's urine, the Dr basically said 'maybe he did, maybe it was something else. It doesn't really matter, we already know she has cancer.' Well, true. It's just that every time someone says cancer I freak out a bit more! But she's right, that's no surprise. So she said Alki's blood tests looked pretty good, but she suspects her bladder is irritated, either from an infection or from the cancer. Again, it doesn't matter, because we'll do the same thing either way. I'm supposed to keep track of how often she takes piddle breaks for a few days, then we'll do a round of antibiotics and see if it helps. It might help, it might not. She said 'if money grew on trees' we'd try some other things, but I'm glad she realizes we just can't. Plus she understood that Alki is getting older and not up to a bunch of crazy treatments. So she made me feel a lot better because she's so calm and matter of fact that we'll do what we can to make her comfortable in spite of the cancer. Can't cure the cancer, so we'll just deal with it.

She did say that Alki is coming up on two years since her diagnosis and that that is spectacular for her. In fact she said she had a meeting with the other oncologists in the area recently, including the dr who did Alki's pre-surgery diagnosis and the surgeon, and shared her records with them, because it's really a success story that she is still plugging along and enjoying a good quality of life.

Some days she mopes around a bit and sleeps a lot or pants like something is bothering her. Other days she bounds around like a crazy hyperactive pup. On the good days it's hard to look at her and think she's sick. On the bad days I can't forget it.

It still gives me chills to realize my little buddy has cancer.

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Anonymous said...

Big hugs.

I know it's hard when a loved one has cancer. Please give Alki a good healing belly rub from this fellow airstreamer...