Friday, March 20, 2009

Made some bread

A few years ago Dave gave me a bread machine for Christmas. I enjoyed using it for a while, then tucked it away in the cupboard and hadn't used it in a couple years. But a week ago we were out of bread and I had bread flour in the pantry, so I pulled out the machine and made a loaf of white bread. It turned out nice, and made some good sandwiches, and the leftovers made a nice stuffing to go with a turkey breast I cooked.

So today I tried a new recipe, Sally Lunn bread. It's good, kind of sweet.

Mmm, smells like bread. Actually the best part of baking bread is that the whole house smells like bread!

Barclay says, please can't I have some of that bread?

I do enjoy the simplicity of tossing ingredients into the bread machine and three hours later you have warm bread and the house smells wonderful. Pretty slick!


dotoner said...

looks great!!

Anonymous said...

YUM, throw some homemade butter on that and you've got a special treat!

annaliese said...

I, too, had a bread machine that I loved using for a while--but then I got bored with it and gave it I am back baking bread--the long, old-fashioned way, and oh man! I sure do long for a bread maker!!! :)