Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chicken tractor!

I have been wanting to build a chicken tractor, which is a small portable coop. Two reasons - first, I have these 'wild' chickens who refuse to stay in the pen with the rest of the chickens and wander the neighborhood. Second - I want them to be forced to work on a particular area at a time, as in I want them to help turn over my garden. We'll see how that works!

I spent quite a bit of time on the net researching chicken tractors, and chose to go with this basic A-frame design:

Original link here

I was lucky to find most of the wood I needed in the storeroom at the store, stuff we had bought for building our displays and then not needed. Dave helped me build the frame, cover it with chicken wire (given to me by a friend), put on the cedar siding (leftover from a play a couple years ago), and by the time it got dark I only needed to finish the end door and it will be ready for chickens.

Before I gave up for the night I was sitting IN the tractor, stapling chicken wire down, when it started to rain. Mouse was supervising, so she climbed in there with me, and we sat under the shelter nice and dry, while the rain fell and the sun set behind spectacular purple clouds. It was very peaceful. She purred and I ruffled her fur and we enjoyed the end of a busy afternoon.

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annaliese said...

very cool! our neighbors have one of those--was wondering about the design, but now that I see what it is--it makes sense.

btw--would have loved to have seen a photo of you and cat in the chicken coop. Dave missed the boat on that one!