Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Angel Food Cake

I have been experimenting with ways to use up lots of eggs, so the first thing that comes to mind is Angel Food Cake, because that uses a dozen egg whites. I made an AFC when I was a teenager, all by myself, and it came out just fine (lucky lucky). So a couple weeks ago I downloaded a Good Eats recipe and gave it a try.

First attempt didn't turn out so well. Everything looked fine until I got it out of the pan and cut it and then I discovered random gooey blobs inside. The cake around the blobs was good, but the blobs were gross, so I ended up ditching it. I'm sure it's something I did because I absolutely swear by Alton Brown's recipes. Sometimes the recipes may not be to my taste, but they always come out.

Second try was today, and I got a recipe off cooks.com and tried it. The order of operations was a little different. It seems that AFC is all about technique, since the ingredients seem to be about the same. This time the cake came out looking good, tasting good, and no gooey blobs, but it's heavy! More like an Angel Food Brick!

Oh well, since the chix are giving me 6-7 eggs a day now, I'll be able to try again in a couple days. As for the dozen yolks, I cooked them and threw them back out to the chickens. Hate to see them go to waste, and I don't know what else to do with yolks by themselves.

Sorry no pics, the camera is Out of Order for a few days.

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