Thursday, February 26, 2009

This morning...

This morning we woke up to a beautiful, sunny, blue-sky day...

And snow on the ground! Again? Really? I've never seen so much of the white stuff in a single winter!

Barclay thinks it's great! We run around, finding the white lumps in the yard that cover his toys. He ran to the far end of the pasture and back to watch someone walking down the street (we don't get a lot of pedestrians).

One of his very favorite toys is a soccer ball with straps around it so he can pick it up. I kick it for him and while he's fetching it I get one of the other balls and kick that around, so he brings back the first ball and waits for me to kick the second one. This is a great way to wear him out! Plus he loves to grab the ball by the straps and swing that baby around!

If I do my job right, after our morning playtime we get to enjoy this for the next hour or so!

1 comment:

annaliese said...

he is the best dog to photograph in the snow! so beautiful--and the sleepy one is just precious!