Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sweet Alki

Alki is still doing well, approaching two years since her cancer diagnosis, the beginning of that long adventure. She still takes medicines twice a day, and we check in with her oncologist monthly. She's had some age related problems creeping up on her - dimming eyesight and not hearing well. Sometimes those are a blessing, because she doesn't set off barking every time she hears the neighbor slam their car door - in fact she sleeps through most deliverymen now. I can clickertrain Barclay in the other room and she doesn't hear it (which is good because otherwise she comes and demands treats). But we do have to be careful not to startle her when she's sleeping. Usually a gentle touch wakes her up enough and she'll roll over for a tummy rub. Dogs know the best things in life are free!

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Anonymous said...

and who could resist that sweet little smile!