Monday, February 09, 2009

Safe and sound

I got news from the goat rescue this morning that everyone made the 2 1/2 hour journey without incident. She let them out into the pasture and they stayed in a flock away from the existing residents, but she's sure they'll settle in and they'll all be hanging out together soon. She said they look beautiful grazing peacefully in her pasture, and she promised to give them a safe home until she can find the perfect permanent home for them, which is all I want for them! So that's good news. I'll admit after the crazy time we had herding them up and putting them in the truck, I was feeling uneasy about the whole thing yesterday evening (and I'm still sore from all the sheep wrestling), but I feel much better now knowing they are safe and sound in their new home.

Also, I've found a new home for Houdini. Our herding instructor has a large sheep herd, and she breaks them up onto different pastures during the year, and needs an extra llama so each group can have their own guard llama. So hopefully this week we'll get him moved over there.


annaliese said...

thank you for the update. glad they are doing well out there and that Houdini has somewhere to go.

dotoner said...

I really glad this has worked out. Hopefully this takes some of the stress off you and you get a chance to breathe and relax a bit again!