Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rainy day guests

We are near the bottom of a hill, and the water from above us drains down into our pasture. I don't mind, it's important for the water to have someplace to go, especially with so many wetlands being destroyed.

And it provides habitat for visitors like this - a flock of canada geese who dropped by to enjoy the field. They fly over every day. There is a pond to the south east, and another to the north west, so we are in the flight path morning and evening, but this is the first time I've ever seen them stop.


dotoner said...

You just didn't have enough animals did you? LOL! Well at least they are Canadian visitors - those are the best kind!

annaliese said...

how cool! I love Canadian geese! heck--I even love some Canadians :) (just for you, Do)