Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pseudotropheus Estherae

These are p. estherae, also called Red Zebras or Cobalt Zebras, which as you can see is stretching it a bit in either direction. The red is not what I would call red, in fact I would call them yellow. I only have one blue male, and it is a pale blue. This is my 110g display tank in the living room. The amazing thing about these fish is that they are ALL estherae, despite the wild variations in color. If the solid yellow breed with the blue male, they will produce more solid yellow babies, and the dominant males eventually turn blue. In my tank there is only one yellow male dominant enough to show his blue colors.

If the blue male breeds with a yellow/black female, or a yellow/black male breeds with a yellow female, you get more yellow/black fish. And when the video swings over to the rocks you see some of the yellow/black babies hiding in the rocks. This type of fish is a mouthbrooder, so the mom will carry the eggs in her mouth until they hatch and the babies are ready to swim and feed on their own.

The dominant yellow/black male in the tank is most visible at the very end of the clip, and he stands out because he is BIG, and because in the dominant yellow/black fish, the black turns blue. So I have blue fish, yellow fish, yellow/black fish, and yellow/blue fish, and they are all the same type of fish - amazing!

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Goofy said...

(giggle) The sound makes me need to pop to the loo... one reason why we no longer have a fish tank.