Sunday, January 11, 2009

Planning for summer

I have a lot of things I want to do this upcoing summer. I need to build some deeper raised beds. I have a lot of compost I can use from my animals. I want a bit more space for my bigger plants, like tomatoes. I'd like to plant more berry bushes. I want more stuff growing and for it all to be as low maintenance as possible. I bought a couple more books to help, ones specifically about growing in the NW. I found some of the advice for other regions just doesn't apply, so I needed some local knowledge.

Funny to be thinking about gardening when last week there was snow on the ground!

Also got in 35 bales of hay last night to help keep the sheep and goats fed. That was an expense I didn't need! But it was my fault for incorrectly calculating how many bales I needed when I bought it last summer.

And our van is in the shop for the 4th time in a month. First time was a complete brake overhaul ($900), second time was some failed sensors ($350), third time was a bad battery cable ($40), this time it's leaking antifreeze because during one of the previous visits they replaced the radiator cap, which must have pressurized the system and caused a blowout somewhere else. The bills have been going down, so I'm keeping my finger crossed this is just a hose, and not the radiator itself leaking!

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dotoner said...

I smelled the rain this morning and though - here comes spring!! I definitely want to plant more bulbs this year . . . and like you I really want ZERO maintenance - LOL!! Eric is the real gardener between the two of us.