Sunday, January 11, 2009

Barclay's big weekend

Here's a funny chicken story for today - wish I had got pictures. Barclay went outside and the chickens were in the yard, so I watched him from the window, hoping he wouldn't chase them. Instead he came up to one of the friendlier hens, got nose to nose with her, then barked and turned around and stuck his wagging tail in her face, wanting her to chase him and play with him - man that boy needs another puppy to play with!! The chicken didn't know what to do! You should have seen the shocked look on her face!

Yesterday Barclay went to the indoor dog park in Hazel Dell. He has a great time there playing with the boston terriers, and there was a beagle/terrier mix there that he got on great with. A shepherd and a pit bull showed up just before we left, and the shepherd fussed at him a little, and he didn't know how to take it, it kind of shut him down. But it was time to go anyway. I'm sure he'll have forgotten it next time we go. He loves playing with the other dogs. It's great to watch him just being a dog!

Then this morning (after the chicken incident) we went to a herding lesson. At first he kept wanting to bite the sheep on the back legs, and the teacher was joking maybe he needed to work cows! He was a white heeler, instead of a blue heeler :-) But then she got a little more action with the rake and he started to get it. I think he did really good for having had a month off thanks to the weather and then the holiday. And he always has so much fun doing it, and then sleeps the rest of the day!

The best part of today was when he wandered into the chicken pen and Dave called him from the backdoor, and Barclay came running! Then at herding practice I called him away from the sheep and he dropped what he was doing and came running. Then he did it again this afternoon when Dave called him into the house! We taught him to come as a puppy, then he 'forgot how' as an independant teenager, but now it's finally coming back to him. Nothing in the world feels as good as calling your dog and seeing him running towards you!

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annaliese said...

I'm sure that's an amazing feeling...calling your dog and having them come to you...we wouldn't know--ours have NEVER come...I'm sure it's all their fault and has nothing to do with lazy dog owners...

good job, you, though for turning out a great dog! he is such a sweetie :)