Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Crazy time of year!

(neither of those is me :) that's members of the 501st who came to our grand opening)

Because we own a mail order toy store this is the busiest time of year for us. We don't really enjoy the holidays, it's not a month of time off work, gathering with friends and family, decorating the house. It's a solid month or more of hard work, late nights, and coming home and dropping on the couch exhausted, right before getting back up and running out to the shop to pack more packages. And this year, with the retail part of the store, we have to be manning the physical location as well. 7 Days a week. With no days off. And for some reason Dave decided this would be a good time to do a play?

We close the store at 6pm, but sometimes customers wander in late, and I'm never one to send money away. Seemed like I couldn't get them all out the other night, and I didn't get to lock up until 6:30. By the time I got home it was fully dark and Dave was gone to rehearsal, and as Barclay and I walked up to the porch (Barclay goes to work with me sometimes), I noticed the motion sensor light was on. Because there was a llama on the porch. Patrone ran off into the yard and disappeared into the darkness. So Barclay and I went out there and I was annoyed to discover all the llamas in the front yard. Barclay was delighted, he was running around playing with them while Houdini tried to stomp him! All the while the sheep and goats were bleating their disapproval - they wanted to run around the front yard too!

I went and got a flashlight and gloves, because it was COLD, and found the llamas had pushed down the wire fence, and that was why they were in the yard. So I got my tools and fixed the fence by flashlight, then took some grain and put it in the paddock in their bowls, so they just about bowled me over getting to it. About this time I noticed Barclay was gone. But he soon showed up again, he had been out in the field. So we went back inside where it was light...

And he was filthy up to his knees, plus a big smudge on his forehead right between the eyes! Looks like he must have been out digging through fresh molehills! So into the tub he goes for a foot rinse. And I finally got onto making dinner about 8pm. And people wonder why I'm so tired!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no! I'm so trying not to laugh, but the image of you dealing with loose llamas and wandering happy dog covered in mud, is just too silly.

I am so sorry that you're having to deal with sleep deprivation, though, instead of finding some peace and joy of the season. But what a blessing being able to support yourselves by owning your own business. I really hope this season is one of your most successful in the history of your store!
Maybe even enough to take a little vacation, too.

And now I'm very curious wanting to know what kind of play your hubby is doing. Are you also involved? How exciting.

Oh and I'll be posting my own 'Star Wars' photo when I do my "V" post. lol!
Wait and see! :)

New Mexico

StefRobrts said...

Well, at least it is rewarding to be part of helping kids get their toys for the holidays :) We'll rest after Christmas!

Check here to see a bit about hubby's play http://magentatheater.blogspot.com/

Can't wait to see your V post, I can't believe you're keeping this up through the whole alphabet! Your horse posts have me watching horse shows on RFDTV again! Evil!

Goofy said...

And yet you still find time to blog. You are AMAZING!!!