Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Secrets

Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and chit chat and talk about old times. For us it's a bit more limited now days, as my husband was an only child and his mom passed away a few years ago. So we had his dad over for an early dinner. Then we went over to visit with what's left of my family, which is just my aunt and uncle and cousin. Everyone else has passed away, including my Grandma who moved on this summer.

As we were leaving, my aunt gave me a bag of mementos my mom had saved up (she passed away in '01, and my dad had passed a few years before that). Included were many photos I had never seen, baptism records, wedding records, and old love letters.

That's mom and dad at their wedding reception, in my grandma's house. 1962 I think.

The family secret? Well that came when I examined the wedding date and my brother's birth date. Lets just say he appears to have been born a little premature, if you get my drift (wink wink). My but he was big and healthy for a baby born 2 months early!

I keep thinking my math must be wrong. How could this have never come up? Well, I guess everyone involved is already gone, so now I'll never be able to find out.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hehehe. Interesting Family Secret. Can you ask your brother. Maybe he was told what happened?

We have some things in common, you and I.
My husband and I are only children and his parents are passed on, and my mother died when I was young. So we don't have much family and holidays are pretty quiet and low-key. Well as quiet as they can be with 3 kids running amok! lol!

Anyway, thanks for sharing this fun little secret. :)
I wonder what kind of secrets we have running in our families?

New Mexico

annaliese said...

what an interesting thing to discover! amazing that it never came up. I mean, in 1962 that was certainly a taboo subject, but would have thought you would have known by now! That's great that you have some neat mementos to remember them all by now. (even the stuff they may not have wanted you to know!) :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was very happy!

Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE THA PHOTO! 1962! that's the year I was born (September)...I was the youngest of three, so there's no family secret here...

StefRobrts said...

Unfortunately my brother has disconnected with the family and I haven't spoken to him in years. Maybe someday he'll return. But I doubt I'd bring this up first thing :)