Saturday, November 01, 2008

Arsenic & Old Lace

I feel like we can finally take a deep breath and relax - well almost! Dave has been completely absorbed in his part in Arsenic and Old Lace, put on by Magenta Theater. He was very happy to have scored the part of Mortimer, and he worked very hard at it, and had many many rehearsals. So I was stuck taking up the slack at home and work, and chores piled up while he was gone most evenings, and recently while performances were on - and of course I was gone too because I try to usher every performance so I can watch him. But now it's all over, the set is down (and what a spectacular set it was!), and we can relax and catch up. Or we could, if he wasn't already signed up for the Christmas play!

Click here to see pictures from the show. He's the tall handsome guy in a suit (perhaps he'll be easier to spot if I mention he's the one with hair)!

I think I have to add what a strange feeling it is. I prefer not to act, I hate feeling like if I mess up I'll mess it up for everyone on stage with me! But I do help Dave by reading lines with him, which means I get to read all the other parts at home. So by the time I get to the show I know it pretty well, and I know as soon as a line is flubbed or skipped, and I feel that in the pit of my stomach. Or I see an actor get that look in their eyes that says something went wrong and they're correcting for it - it's almost too much pressure for me and I'm just watching! But this show went very well, there weren't a lot of those moments, and it was really fun to watch it every night :)

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annaliese said...

this is a long stretch of shows for you two this time, isn't it?--even after the Christmas show, it's only a month before Midsummer's starts up! sheesh!

haha! never thought about how well you must know the show by the time you come to see it--you caught all our flubs :)