Monday, October 27, 2008

Scoops the Wandering Llama

Patrone arrived home from the 'gelding party' today, a little sore but otherwise fine. I think he was happy to come home. But the other llamas were so excited to see him, I put him in the orchard and gave him some hay so he wouldn't have to fight for it. But Scoops, his buddy, wasn't happy with that, so he jumped out of the corral and into the backyard. I had to go to work so I left him there. When I came home from work he wasn't there anymore, he had continued hopping fences and ended up in the neighbor's pasture!

So I dragged out the evening hay and some grain, and tried to lure him back, but he just kept running up and down the fenceline. Finally I took the scoop of grain and a halter (behind my back) and climbed over the fence to go get him. Took two tries, but he wasn't too eager to stay free. So I haltered him and walked him back home.

He was a fence jumper at Martha's and that got him locked in a barn stall all last winter. If he decides fences can't hold him here either he'll have to go back to her barn for his own safety. I wouldn't want him to get lost or hit by a car.

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Anonymous said...

Hope Patrone is recovering well from his party...that has to be a big hangover...

Hope you can keep Scoops'wandering at bay.