Monday, October 13, 2008

Morning on the farm

Fall has set in and it's a bit colder now, the grass is pretty sparse out in the field, and every morning I have a list of chores to tackle before breakfast. Let out the chickens (if I remembered to close the coop door the night before), and count to make sure no one is missing - lets see, there's Big Bird, Penny, the three Buff Girls, Blackie, Big Red (in the nest box this morning), and Little Red - all accounted for. The sheep and llamas need their hay, but I have to get it into the corral without any over-excited sheep, goats, or llamas pushing their way into the yard. Chase Scoops out of the orchard where he's filling up on windfall apples (the big pest pushed over the fence to get to them). Play with Barclay so he will rest and quit destroying things around the house for a bit. Look for chicken eggs (it's like an easter egg hunt, I never know where they will lay them next). Then I can come inside and get to work!

Oh, and while chasing Scoops out of the orchard I noticed an apple tree I had not really looked at before, and it had some nice big apples on it, so I tried one - Fuji! Yum! I hope next year I can take better care of the orchard and really get some nice production out of it.

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Anonymous said...

nothing beats fresh apples!