Thursday, October 09, 2008

Barclay and the 'flirt pole'

I built a 'flirt pole' for Barclay. This is a dog toy that is similar to a 'cat fishing pole', where you have a dangly toy on a stick and the cat goes nuts for it. Well, same thing, but dog sized! I took a stick, drilled a hole in the end and put an old rope through it, knotted one end and tied a toy to the other. Because the rope goes through the stick I can pull it back and make the rope longer or shorter depending on what game we're playing with it.

The flirt gives us some extra training opportunities, like learning 'drop', 'sit' and to 'wait' until released to play!

Then I swing the toy around, drag it on the ground, flip it in the air, and he goes nuts chasing it!

And since he loves to tug the stick gives me a little extra leverage :-)

Nothing sweeter than chewing on your catch! Barclay had no interest in this toy until I tied it to a rope!

This is a great way to run off all that puppy energy, doesn't take long to wear him out.

Afterwards there's nothing like a dip in the pool - or the sheep trough, whatever you have handy!

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