Saturday, September 06, 2008

The last word on Charlotte

After spending a day hanging out on her egg sac, she disappeared around sunset. It was time to bring the cats in anyway, so I walked around to the backdoor with a flashlight to look for her. Mouse showed up just as I spotted her, skittering across the deck - yikes! She was HUGE down on the ground! Unfortunately Mouse saw her and pounced, and before I could step in to help, Charlotte grabbed a web and zipped back up out of the cat's reach! I grabbed Mouse and took her inside. I checked on the spider a couple more times, and by evening she had dissapeared again, and hadn't returned by this morning. So I'm thinking she's done her job and gone. Now we just have to decide if we want to leave the eggs there and see if they hatch in the spring, or move them out to the orchard somewhere and let them hatch there - a little farther from the house!

It was certainly interesting having her around the last couple weeks and getting a close up view of what spiders do. Since I'm pretty scared of spiders, it was creepy but cool. I have a new respect for spiders now.

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annaliese said...

aaaahhhh....!!!! you went LOOKING for a giant spider?!?! in the dark?! ummm, ok. to each his own, i guess...and, well, might I suggest that you 'move' that egg sack--i mean, heaven forbid anything should happen to those darling MILLION baby spiders inside it...but that's just my thought on the subject.