Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New hens, one less rooster

Last week I saw an ad on CL for some buff orpington pullets (that's young hens), just what I was looking for! I emailed the lady and went right out to pick them up that afternoon. She was out in the gorge, past Washougal.

That's Crown Point. Very pretty. It was a beautiful day and a nice drive, and she had a lovely farm with a lot of chickens and goats and a huge garden.

And here's my three new girls!

Meanwhile, the two roosters are hanging out by the feeder in the coop. Does the darker colored one look suspicious?

He should, I put him on CL for free and someone is coming to pick him up the next day.

A couple days later everyone is settling in, and Big Bird is the only rooster.

He's watching over his flock. Now he has 7 girls! Three wild chickens, Penny the Cochin, and three new buffs. Penny is still cranking out an egg about every other day. I think Big Bird crows less without the other rooster around.

The three buffs are getting comfortable wandering around the yard and orchard.

The whole gang goes exploring in the yard, looking for bugs. The three wild hens are almost big enough to lay, I expect I'll find an egg from them any day now. I just don't know if they'll lay in the coop. They like to sleep in a tree, so they might go lay their eggs under a bush somewhere. Maybe I can teach Barclay to sniff out eggs for me!

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Anonymous said...

Those hens are pretty... Now the rooster is really 'da man!