Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More garden update

Planted at the same time:

Squash in the raised bed (those are 1 square foot sections)...

Squash in a pot...same soil, located right next to each other. I think it's the depth of the soil that makes the difference.
Potatoes in a wheelbarrow. The potatoes are an experiment. I had some potatoes that went bad so I cut them up and threw them in the compost pile. A while later I saw they had roots and were growing, so I took the four best ones and put them in a pot. Then I read they needed to be planted and buried as they grew to produce potatoes, so I transferred them to this old broken wheelbarrow (with some holes in the bottom for drainage. They are growing well, but I don't know if they'll have enough time to produce. I also might remove the two smallest ones to give the other two more room.

Basil plants. I might transplant them and bring them inside for the winter, or maybe bring one inside and leave one out in a greenhouse and see how it does.

This is my bed of corn. They are doing well, but still may not have enough time to make corn. As I drive around town I check out other people's gardens and I see their corn is so much bigger! This bed has a thick layer of manure and hay under it, a layer of newspapers to stop the weeds, and then six inches or so of 3-way soil. In front of the corn is two grape tomatoes which have grown quite a bit, and two watermelons that have also been doing really well.

The grape tomatoes have tomatoes on them, and more coming!

The watermelons are flowering. I hope they have time to make melons. These are supposed to be little mini-melons, the only kind that have time to mature in our short season.

It only had a couple leaves when I brought it home, look how much it spread out!

And my strawberry barrel surprised me by actually producing a couple strawberries! I think it likes all the light it's getting now that the bamboo is not shading it.

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