Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Midsummer garden update

Lots of tomatoes coming on the potted tomato plants.

The potted pepper is starting to flower.
Peppers in the garden have put on a few more leaves, but haven't grown at all. Same with the tomatoes, pretty much.

Lettuce bolted in teh recent hot weather.

Carrots just don't have enough room to grow in the shallow raised bed. Those are my biggest carrots.

The empty squares are the carrots, which just haven't done much at all. Most didn't even get started. A month ago I replanted the empty spots to give them another chance after the slugs had decimated the first round, but they haven't done any better.

Two squares of Pac Choi have done nothing.

Overall I have to say the stuff I've planted in the raised bed has not done as well as the stuff I planted in pots. Since they use the same soil, and they are in the same area of the yard so they get the same sun, and I water them all at the same time, I am going to theorize that the main difference is depth of soil. Six inches in the raised bed, ten or more in the pots. I have a friend who did a raised bed, but it's probably 20 inches deep, using a 3-way soil mix, and her plants are far outgrowing mine.


TJ said...

Hi, so great to see that you have so many animals. Hope you can listen in to my animal welfare show soon:


All the best,


Anonymous said...

Both sets of pics look great. Ti's funny how some grow and some don't. You're a way better gardener than I am. I have silk plants in my house and they're dropping leaves... LOL!

I love basil. Hope it thrives. I have a killer pistachio lime basil butter recipe on my cooking blog (The Mad Cuisineart) that is just killer on asparagus, fish, or chicken.

While I live ten floors up (home is a high-rise condo) and spending the summer in my airstream, I can't garden... so can I live vicariously through yours?

StefRobrts said...

Lois, you can share my garden anytime :) My husband wants to live the condo life someday too, so I'd better enjoy the farm while I can!