Saturday, July 12, 2008

Second garden bed

I added a second raised bed specifically to plant the corn I picked up a couple days ago on clearance. I was supposed to put them in four to a square foot, using the "square foot garden" plan which has worked well for me so far. I think we got a little closer than that. Oh well. I had room leftover to plant the two plum tomatoes and the watermelons on each end so they can hang over the side.

And over in the potted tomato section - the hint of success to come. Tiny little tomatoes are starting to appear...

At sunset we enjoyed watching the sheep peacefully grazing. Look how big the lambs are! We docked their tails with elastic bands and they just fell off in the last week or two, and little Indy was 'fixed' the same way, his little sack just fell off the other day. It just left a little scab. Amazing! Also, he is done with his cast, he's seven weeks old now. His leg is pretty scrawny from not being used, but I'm sure he'll get to using it again. He gets around fine even on three legs.

Scoops and Patrone have been playing in the sun all day, wrestling and chewing on each other's necks. They are inseparable buddies.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty gardens... and your furbabies are just adorable!

I'm a fellow 'streamer...

HI! :-D)