Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gigantor the Rooster

I watch the ads on CL and see city chicken keepers desperately trying to give away their chickens who turned out to be roosters, and are now crowing and annoying all the neighbors. Yesterday I spotted an ad for this beautiful Buff Orpington rooster. I emailed with the guy and arranged for my hubby to pick him up after rehearsal. So about 11PM he came home with a dog crate full of rooster!

While in the dog crate we just heard quiet little 'bok' noises, but once let loose in the pen, he set right up to crowing and letting the whole neighborhood know he was there! It was great! I'm so happy to have a rooster, it feels like a real farm now. He's not too loud, in fact I can barely hear him in the house, I doubt it's loud enough to bother any of our neighbors, which are all far away.

I think he's just the most beautiful chicken I've seen - just what a chicken should look like. Not that I don't love 'the girls' too, with their interesting variety of colors. They all make one nice chicken family, and I enjoy sitting outside and watching them. Now if they'd just give me some eggs I'd really be happy!

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