Friday, July 11, 2008

Garden Update

Peas are out - baby lemon cucumber starts are in. I picked up a clearance flat of corn and I'm setting up a second 4 x 8 raised bed for that, hopefully I'll have it in tomorrow. I might have wasted my money buying corn so late, but it was only $5 for the whole flat, and the lady threw in some pear tomatoes, four lemon cucumbers, and two mini watermelon starts. So I'm putting them in and what the heck, we'll just see how they do. I picked all the peas in the past week, most went in the freezer, and today I pulled out the vines and turned over their squares, added a little compost, and planted the little cukes there.

Meanwhile squash are getting a quick start in the pots next to the garden, and the cukes, butter squash, and beans I planted are coming up fast too. And the broccoli have little heads starting. One tomato plant even has tomatoes starting! Everything seems to like the hot weather, except the lettuce, which turned bitter!

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