Friday, July 04, 2008

Garden Update

The garden is continuing to plug along, doing better still than I have ever done before, but a few challenges still. There is something planted in every square, though not everything has come up yet, and the carrots and pac choi were decimated by the slugs.

The peas are doing fantastic. I've picked a few and eaten them raw and they are so good! They're almost ready to pick. There's three different kinds of plants there, and they are supposed to make a staggered harvest. It looks to me like it's not going to be staggered by much, maybe a week at most. You can see cabbage and lettuce at the foot of the pea plants.

The broccoli did nothing for the longest time, but it suddenly has put on a few more leaves and I see a little broccoli head starting. Next square over has the carrots that survived the slugs.

The tomatoes and peppers in pots are doing better than the ones in the garden, even though it's the exact same soil mix. The potted tomatoes are getting flowers on them. A couple of the ones in teh garden are too, but they aren't as big or healthy looking, and don't have as many flowers.
This is my baby bell pepper plant. I think the peppers all were shocked by the transpant. I was told to use Miracle Gro on them next year to avoid the shock. Not sure if these will catch up enough to produce any peppers this year.
The other two potted tomato plants also have flowers and are doing so well I need to tie them up. I've been pinching off lower branches to encourage them to keep growing. I'm always shy about pruning but I think I feel more confident experimenting with these.

We've been enjoying lots of lettuce, spinach and radishes from the garden so far. The hot weather seems to have turned the radishes bitter. It also caused the spinach and the bigger radishes to bolt. I pulled the spinach plants and gave them to the goats and replanted those squares with something else, chives I think.

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