Tuesday, July 08, 2008


About five years ago we redid the front courtyard, and turned it into a beautiful little Japanese garden, with a trickling pond, little pagoda, some flowering pond plants, and a little clump of bamboo in the back. Oh, it looks so pretty!

Through a lack of maintenance and a good deal of growth, that bamboo got completely out of control, sending runners in every direction, coming up next to the house and sneaking under the siding and pushing it loose, pushing up walkway bricks, and generally causing havoc. We cut it back as soon as we'd spot them, but the shoots could easily grow a foot a day and shoot up six foot high before unfurling. It was nuts. Little bamboo leaves choked the pond and covered the other plants and the sidewalk, since they seem to constantly fall. This week I'd had enough!

I cut and hacked and sawed my way through the whole thing. What had started out as an innocent little pot of bamboo had spread to take up that whole area behind the pond, about 12 foot long, five foot wide. Now I got all the upright branches out of the way, I just have to dig out the rhizome under the ground. I'm hoping that kills it, or enough of it that we can deal with chasing down the runners and getting rid of them.

Maybe when I get the rhizome excavated I'll put in a bigger pond. I've always wanted to have koi.

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