Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's that bug?

I am the kind of person that will be working along productively, then I see an interesting bug, stop to take a picture of it, and halt work for the day so I can go look it up on the net (and not disturb it in case it's something beneficial). So today I spotted this guy and everything screeched to a halt! He's about an inch long, maybe a little less, and was hanging out on a blue tarp I was getting ready to wad up and throw away.

The red on his wings was stunning, but they look too short to fly with. He didn't try to fly, so I suspect he's fresh out of the cocoon and his wings aren't ready to go yet. I looked up on What's That Bug in the moth section and found the Cinnabar Moth from the UK, and further reading indicated they have been introduced to the US to eat Tansy Ragwort. Well, more power to him! Just yesterday Dave picked a five gallon pail of tansy out of the pasture! Go little moth, go!

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