Sunday, June 15, 2008


On Thursday the shearing guy came over and did Al and Mama sheep. It was amazing. He rolled them over and did their bellies, and then he just worked his way around until the wool was off in one big sheet. The sheep just lay there and let him do it, but they're very happy to leave when he's done!



We couldn't catch Houdini the llama, but Friday we finally cornered him and got him haltered up. He came back and sheared Houdini, with me and my husband holding him down by the ears. Really, when they start getting contrary, you grab an ear and twist and they suddenly become more compliant (I would too). But it was important that he hold still to avoid getting hurt by the shears, and it was important he be sheared to avoid heatstroke this summer. So we twisted his ears and he survived it all just fine. Though he's still holding a grudge. I can't blame him, llamas look ridiculous when they're sheared.

Now, what will I do with three big bags of wool?

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