Thursday, June 05, 2008

I love my Cobb Grill

I think these should be more popular. I asked for mine for Christmas a few years ago, and the hubby obliged. I love to cook outdoors, but the regular grill is a bit big for cooking for two. So I saw this and decided it was just what I wanted.

I guess the thing I love most about it is that it can cook a meal for two with a ridiculously small amount of charcoal, and that it has a plastic 'cool touch' exterior so if necessary you can move it around. Also you are unlikely to get burned while using it, and it's safe if dogs decide to stick their nose against it. It's very stable too. Not at all rickety like the mini BBQ we used to have which always felt like it's little metal legs were on the verge of collapsing.

So this evening after our unsuccessful fishing expedition I decided to smoke a piece of salmon I had in the fridge. Would have been happier with trout, but it's not the first time I came home with an empty hook! So I put a few mesquite charcoal chunks in the Cobb (I took the whole bag when I first got it and broke all the big chunks into roughly briquette sized pieces) and started them with the firestarter sticks. That little bit of charcoal was enough to roast a squash, an ear of corn, and a red pepper (for tomorrows soup), followed by the salmon (with a bit of wet mesquite chips thrown on the coals for more smoke - as pictured above), and then after I pulled the salmon I set an apple with raisins and cinnamon on there to cook and by the time I was done eating dinner it was perfect.

Now when the coals cool off I can clean it up and tuck it away in it's bag until next time. This is about our third year with it, and I never use the big grill anymore unless we're having friends over. This little guy is all the grill we need. It even travels easily. And I prefer using a few briquettes of charcoal to having to tote around a little bottle of propane. I'm just really happy with our little Cobb!

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