Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Freezer Jam

When I was a little girl, too little to help, my Grandma and her daughters (my mom and aunt) would make jelly every year. They would do boysenberry and blackberry and other kinds too, carefully can them in little glass jars, and put paraffin wax on top. I remember that when we needed more jelly we would go get a jar out of the cupboard and pry that wax off the top. Unfortunately my mom had a stroke when I was ten and I don't think they ever made jelly again after that. Life got very complicated.

So making jelly seems like something you do when times are good. This year I successfully made jelly myself for the first time. Unfortunately Grandma is no longer around to help me figure out how, so I just followed the recipes off the net. I decided to go for freezer jam (I think I prefer chunky jam to jelly anyway), maybe someday I'll learn to can. I tried it a couple years ago and it just didn't turn out right. But this seems to have gone much better. I used the rhubarb from our garden to make rhubarb jam, and it tastes really good. Then I took advantage of all the sweet fresh strawberrys available this week and made strawberry freezer jam. Yum! I ended up with 4 cups of rhubarb and 7 cups of strawberry. I'll do blackberry when those ripen, and we'll never have to buy jelly again!

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