Sunday, June 15, 2008


One of Martha's hens showed up with chicks back in February, so Martha generously gave us five of the young chickens to get our coop started. Unfortunately, within ten minutes of bringing them home we were down to four! The only one she was pretty sure was a hen, a nice little yellow chicken, scrambled out of the pen and out the door, across the yard with dogs chasing her, and through the fence into the neighbors field, where she was last seen running for the horizon at full speed.

That was Monday.

The outdoor pen

Here it is Sunday and the other four have been 'cooped' up while I talked to them and fed them goodies. They were starting to relax, so we built them a smaller pen within the orchard so they won't wander too far, and today was their first day outside.


CIV said...

like chicken run! :(

StefRobrts said...

I swear we weren't going to put her in a pie! ;-)