Thursday, May 22, 2008

Surprise lambs!

When we took in the sheep and goats and Houdini the 'guard llama', Annaliese warned us the ewe might be pregnant because of the ram that was with them (we didn't take the ram, she found him another home). Well, sure enough, we went out this morning and found two new additions to our flock. When we spotted them Mom just had one lamb by her side, and we walked out to the pasture to investigate and found a bigger lamb in the grass nearby. We thought he was dead, but saw he was breathing. One of his legs looked funny. Mom was headbutting the other animals that got too close, so we picked up the lambs and mom followed us over to the shelter, and we shut them in and shut everyone else out (except for little Gracie the goat, who can go through the gap under the gate).

After a few minutes the gimpy lamb stood up and took some milk from mom. Last I checked she had made a little nest in the straw and everyone was resting comfortably.

Funny how the other animals, especially the llamas, are so curious to watch what's going on.

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