Monday, May 12, 2008


Finished! There is a gate so I can walk from the yard into the pen. On the other end of the pen there are three gates. When they are all open the animals can walk from the pasture into the pen, and there are two gateways to walk through so no one can play the bully and block out the other animals. But when two of them are closed, they form a stall on the end of the shelter. This is to isolate anyone I might want to deal with alone, or in most cases, to pen the sheep and goats away from the llamas, so they don't steal the llamas food!

Then if I close the other little gate, the llamas are contained in the pen eating, and I can open the gate on the stall and the sheep and goats can go back out in the pasture.

The only design problem is that the wire fencing I bought is too lightweight, and the goats are rubbing on it and breaking the wire. I need to replace it with stronger wire, or build a wood fence the rest of the way around.

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