Friday, April 25, 2008

Tomatoes take the next step

The tomatoes got so big in their little sprouting pots it was time to move them to bigger quarters. I got these bigger peat pots at the feed store. The idea being that the roots can grow out through them so there's no need to disturb the plants when it's transplant time. We'll see how that all works - I'm a little skeptical. But anyway, I selected the three biggest of each type, and only two of the main season tomatoes, as there will be three cherry tomato plants as well. That's what I'm hoping for anyway! After my miserable previous attempts, it would be nice to have too many tomatoes! Yes, too many tomatoes, there's a problem I'd like to have :-) Anyway, I planted them deep in the pots to encourage more root growth. We'll see how they do.

So I moved the transplants to bigger quarters - a little greenhouse made of two storage containers. I hinged it on the back with a couple pieces of wire so I can prop it open for air circulation, but still keep the cats out. I also moved them from the kitchen windowsill to the front room for more direct light.

I see people at the garden center taking home big tomato plants already, and mine look so small! There's a few weeks before last frost yet, so I hope mine catch up!

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