Friday, April 18, 2008

Around the little farm

Scoops is caught in the act of sniffing a sheep!

Houdini has a nice roll out in the pasture.

I have been getting the farm ready for my new addition, a llama of my very own! Houdini is a rescue, and Scoops is 'borrowed' from a friend, but I'll soon be getting a nice young llama of my own choosing. I plan to train him to go packing, and maybe carting. It should be fun.

So I have been working on fences and doing this and that, figuring out how to feed the llamas without the sheep and goats stealing all their food. I have laid out plans to build a nice shelter and a little paddock for them, I just need to start digging post holes and get busy building it. I guess that's where my kickback check from Uncle Sam will be going.

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