Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Barclay (big surprise, huh)

Alki is still not too happy about Barclay, but sometimes they can tolerate being in the same space. Here they are begging for popcorn in the kitchen. Actually Alki is begging for popcorn. Barclay doesn't know what they're doing there!

Mighty watches Barclay playing, with a surprisingly relaxed pose. I don't know why the cats are even on the floor around him, but they seem to be warming up to him. I think they will be buddies someday.

After a hard day of playing, Barclay collapses wherever he happens to be. I can even pick him up and move him around and he doesn't wake up!

Dave is holding Barclay in a submissive position, which we practice with him everyday, at our vets advice. It's supposed to be a gentle way to remind him what his place is! Sometimes he just lays there, and sometimes he pitches a fit before he gives up and relaxes.

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