Friday, February 22, 2008


Introducing our new puppy - Barclay!

Barclay is a standard sized American Eskimo, at least he will be someday. Right now he's only 8 weeks old. He can barely run across the room without falling over!

Of course this has thrown the household into an uproar. The cats were very disturbed by this new creature.

Alki wants nothing to do with him until he learns some manners, and at 13 she figures she's old enough she shouldn't have to be the one to teach him.

Chester is handling it best. Since he is kind of a big puppy at heart, they seem to be most likely to play. Chester has no problem telling him what to do, and several times we've seen Chester let out a loud BARK in his direction, causing Barclay to roll backwards across the floor as if hit by a mighty wind. Then Chester wags his tail in approval.

Luckily for all of us, Barclay only goes for about half an hour before collapsing for a nap.

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