Friday, October 05, 2007

It's been raining...

It's been raining for a solid week, and the forecast is for more rain as far out as it goes , it must be fall again. Alki still wants to go for her daily walk, so I grabbed an umbrella and bought her a raincoat, and we're off!
This little coat, BTW, is made by Doodlebug Duds right across the river in Oregon, and it's nicer than some coats I've had! Nylon on the outside with reflective strips, fleece on the inside, and the collar turns up or down for really nasty days. It fastens on with a big velcro chest strap and a wide tummy strap, and comes off again just as quick. The first walk out she was putting up a good fuss, pretending she couldn't figure out how to walk in it, but in no time she was romping around! I highly recommend it!

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