Monday, September 17, 2007

Yum, SPAM!

No picture today, just a short observation on my favorite SPAM :)

I get lots of spam, unfortunately, because I have had the same email address for a long time, and my friends and family know it, and I have no intention of changing it just to get away from those slime-bucket spammers. Thunderbird does a good job of making much of it disappear before I even have to see it. However, there is a certain kind of junk spam I actually will go dig in the trash folder to read, because they make me laugh. Oh, do they make me laugh!

Girls always smiled at me and even chaps did in the unrestricted comfort station!
Well, now I giggl at them, because I took Me - ga - Di k
for 6 months and now my phallus is badly weightier than usual.

What really cracks me up is that these remind me of the old Ad-Libs. They obviously have a list of words they thought were appropriate, and the bot picks from them to create the same classy little piece of poetry, just a little bit different every time:

Princesses always smiled at me and even boys did in the unrestricted bathroom!
Well, now I hee-haw at them, because I took Me - ga - Di k
for 7 months and now my peter is badly largest than national.

"badly largest than national" huh? Better get that looked at. And just a tip, if the boys in the bathroom are smiling at you, it's really more of a come-on than a criticism.

Chicks always hee-hawed at me and even fellows did in the national lavatory!
Well, now I sriek at them, because I took Meg, a dik.
for 6 months and now my putz is very much largest than usual.

If the chicks are hee-hawing, you may be at a donkey show. That may explain the sriek(sp)ing too :D

Dames always whizgiggled at me and even youths did in the public water closet!
Well, now I sriek at them, because I took Mega. Dik
for 4 months and now my member is greatly largest than usual.

You know, I've NEVER thought of a Dame as the sort to Whizgiggle at someone. They just don't do that. They walk into dimly lit offices late at night and hire private dicks.

Princesses always giggled at me and even gentlemans did in the federal water closet!
Well, now I hee-haw at them, because I took M eg ad ik
for 6 months and now my shaft is very much weightier than civil.

Perhaps that shaft was dug by the corp.

These are just so funny, the mix 'n match is just priceless. Maybe someday they will eliminate spam (and hang the spammers by their thumbs in the public square, and we'll all build a bonfire around them and dance and cheer), but until then I will continue to get a whizgiggle out of these.

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