Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weedwhacker funnies

Today we broke open the new weed whacker, trying to catch up on all the yardwork we are hopelessly behind on. Two things about it struck me as funny. Number one was this illustration on the side of the box:

Ultra lightweight, my foot! Looks more to me like Grandma's escaped from the home again! She's got a weedwhacker, and she's not afraid to use it! Everybody, run!!!

Second thing was this illustration of the 'Hazard Zone', which would be a good name for a blog, if it's not taken already :) The poor dog and child inside the hazard zone are both getting debris pinged off their heads! For some reason the depiction of the dog in particular had us lmao! The other little guy about to get it in the head with a ricochet off the tree was worth a few laughs too. I think he's going to need more than boots and eye protection - I prefer to go with a full mask! And yes, we certainly keep the dogs well out of the hazard zone when weedwhacking (usually safe inside on the couch)!

1 comment:

Peter Yue said...

that is the best packaging that I've seen in a long time. Hey, when you got 40k to spend in photography... you spend it on an angry elderly woman wielding a chinese made prop to look like a weed wacker.

I love advertising and package design.

I seriously do.