Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SP&S 539 Steam Locomotive

This is the SP&S 539 Steam Locomotive, being prepared for it's last trip out of town. It spent 1957-1997 in a downtown park in Vancouver, WA, then moved out to Fairgrounds park in Battle Ground. See this link for the day of the move - Whistle Stop

In 2006 it was sold after the efforts to restore it had gone nowhere and the space it was sitting on was needed for the city's new skatepark. It was moved then, and I thought it was already gone, then today I drove through town and saw it sitting there again on temporary tracks, just across from the park where it had sat all those years.

I spoke to a gentleman who was working on it and he said it had been stored down the tracks a ways, then they just brought it back here to disassemble it. It will be taken apart in three pieces and hopefully this Friday it will be loaded onto three flatbed railcars for it's journey to Arizona where it will be restored and put back into service. I'm sad to see it go, because we saw it sitting there everyday and hoped to see it restored someday, but it will be better to see it go somewhere else and be fixed up. Neat old train.

Update: the local paper covered it's teardown on Friday. No pictures on the website, unfortunately!

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